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Illustrated Paperback Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan

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Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan

When almost-spinster school teacher Rosette Cordelia Ramsdell met Otis Churchill on a Michigan farm in 1856, she thought he might be the one. Her real-life journal tells what happened over the next two years. History tells what happened over the next six decades. This literary historical novel explores the truth.
We meet Rosette in 1888 as she revises a crucial page of her journal, then we live the journal's entries in the voices of Rosette and others around her. In lush detail, this novel by Cindy Rinaman Marsch traces how we both choose and suffer our destiny. It shows how hopes that have come to naught can sometimes rise again from the wreckage.
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ISBN: 978-0-9971127-1-9 (paperback)

Blizzard: A Story of Dakota Territory

Rosette may have lived through the infamous Children's Blizzard of 1888 in Dakota Territory, and this short story takes us through those terrifying days as she shares them with her son and his young family--with a baby due at any moment. This story is free with Kindle Unlimited.


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Solomon Ramsdell


Rosette's brother Solomon is one of the narrators of her novel, and his story--told in part in hers-- is perhaps even more compelling. Solomon married his sweetheart Jennette in 1858, and after they had two children together, he went to serve as a bugler in the Union Army. Captured at Trevilian Station, he spent months in the notorious Andersonville prison in Georgia, but he made it home--and then his troubles started.


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