Cover design and original book artwork by Elisabeth (Betsy) Marsch of Marsch Studios.

Professional artist Elisabeth Marsch offers custom book cover design and inside illustration for your book or website project. Options include pencil, ink, and painting in watercolor, oils, or acrylic, as well as computer images. Photography by Glenn Marsch is available through existing images at, with design services by Betsy Marsch. To discuss your needs, please contact us.

Author Consulting

Photo of rainbow over Niagara Falls
Photo ©Glenn Marsch

In the long process of originating, writing, and researching publishing possibilities for two novels and a short story in the Rosette series, as well as assisting many editing clients in the publication process, Cindy Rinaman Marsch has developed knowledge and experience to share with you for your own project. A consultation relationship will help you find the best available resources and shepherd your project through to publication. If you would like to schedule a session to discuss the options, the outlook, and the realities of writing for publication, querying agents, and exploring independent or self-publishing, please contact us.